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Hospitals, as we all know, are nearly always busy, 24 hours a day, thus any floor mats used in this setting must be exceptionally durable and clean. Ultimate mats specialize in supplying various types of mats to hospital and healthcare environments, from exterior entrance rubber matting to information branded mats.

Social distancing mats, in the form of personalized logo mats, have played a major role in reminding patients of the social distancing guidelines in place in hospitals and other healthcare settings with COVID-19.

Hospital Floor Mats Throughout the United Kingdom

We know the important sections of hospitals that require industrial matting because we’ve supplied a number of them. Multiple entrances, patient waiting areas, bedsides, theatre and reception spaces, washrooms, and food preparation all necessitate the use of the appropriate mats.

Mats used in a hospital setting must be sterilized and steamed to minimize the danger of bacterial contamination. Regardless of where matting is used in a hospital, it must be durable and able to withstand regular deep cleaning.

Outdoor Entrance Mats with a Heavy Duty Construction

A hospital’s footfall is continual, with employees, patients, and visitors always on the go. Dirt from the outside world is kept out of the clean medical atmosphere thanks to entrance mats. Rubber outside mats helps with drainage around doors and can also handle ‘wheeled traffic’ like wheelchairs, pushchairs, and hospital trolleys.

Mats for the Main Hospital Entrance

Multi-purpose sturdy, absorbent, and non-slip mats are great for healthcare and hospital situations once you’ve crossed the threshold into the building. Patients and visitors can utilize printed logos or educational mats to help them navigate throughout the hospital, such as finding the ‘flu line’ or just receiving a welcome message from the hospital trust.

Commercial entrance floor mats can also aid improve safety, as water transfer from the outside is reduced, making susceptible people less likely to slide.

“The mats arrived fast and are high-quality materials that properly meet the needs of the business.”

Bradford NHS Foundation Trust

Operating Room, Nurse Station, and Reception Area Matting

Staff in the healthcare industry, whether in administrative roles, nurses, or surgeons, might spend hours on their feet in the same environment. Anti-fatigue mats placed in these areas can make their day more comfortable and relieve some of the strain that long hours of standing can bring. Our multifunctional anti-fatigue mats can be used on every sort of floor in a hospital, whether it’s on a ward or in an office.

Safety Mats for Kitchen Environments

Hospital kitchens cook food on a large scale, thus mats in the kitchen must be absorbent for spills while also being machine washable for sanitary reasons. The mat backing should be suitable for the type of kitchen floor, and the materials used should be resistant to grease, oil, and chemicals. Our anti-fatigue kitchen safety mats check all of these boxes and come in a variety of colors to aid individuals rushing around the kitchen relieve stress on their feet.

Mats for water and vending machines

Drinking machines and water dispensers can be found at a hospital’s personnel canteens, waiting areas, and clinics, among other places. Water trap mats can be utilized to eliminate spillage dangers and difficulties, reducing the need for cleaners and reducing the likelihood of someone tripping over.

Choosing the Best Mat for Your Hospital’s Needs

We will be pleased to assist you if you require additional information on which mats you require due to the huge variety of mats available and the number of environments within a hospital.

Get in contact to discuss your requirements. Our washable commercial custom rugs with logo are great for a hospital entrance space, while anti-fatigue matting may truly benefit staff members, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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